Information Review For Quick Invoice Invoicing Software

As a small business owner I have always looked for ways to save money and reduce my costs. For years I have read about ways of using the computer to cut back on operating costs but recently I have really began using my computer and the Internet to save not only money but also time. Given the expensive rate of qualified employees time is more expensive than many small business owners realize. The time savings were actually my main motive for using invoice software As I began researching web based invoice software I began to learn about many different companies. I ended up using an application known as Quick Invoice Software. I chose this company mainly for their low prices and I have not been let down by the quality of their service or the look of their invoices.

This Quick Invoice software allowed me to add my company logo to the invoice, which provides my customers a very high-end impression of my business. Because I am able to create the invoices so quickly I now have noticed that I receive my payments faster, if there is a customer that is late or slow in paying I can send them a reminder which usually helps me get my accounts receivable up to speed. Before I used to hand write figures and details on invoices that were custom printed. Now I can print out everything online and have it sent to whatever address I want without having to use stamps envelopes or any mailing materials; and of course this also means no trip to the post office. The fact that this invoice software has eliminated my mailing duties is maybe one of its greatest benefits.

In my business I often send estimates to prospective clients, these clients then usually ask questions and make a purchase if I offer the best option for their needs. However with invoice software like Quick Invoice software you can take that previously made estimate and turn it into an invoice, this has saved me time and money. I mainly appreciate the time savings of not having to create a new invoice and send it out again.

I did have some concerns about using online invoice software and these were eliminated after a little research. These were my concerns:

Data loss: Because they hold all of your customer invoices what happens if this information is lost due to some crisis? Quick Invoice assured me that their systems are redundantly backed up. I would simply have to trust them with this but there is more to it than just trusting them. They allow you to keep backups locally at your home or office; this data can be downloaded and stored for my peace of mind and this helped me quite a bit.

Loss of Internet: When I lost the Internet one day I was worried about being alienated from my invoices. I rarely loose connectivity to the Internet so this isn’t a really a big concern but still it is something that is to be considered. If you keep local copies of these invoices it isn’t really that big of a threat.

These are some things to think about that will hopefully help you in managing your business better. Overall web based invoice software must be a good idea as the business is growing quickly, just make sure to keep your own local copies and it’s a great system.